3 days to creating a strong, relentless,
full-out, whatever-it-takes mindset


Danny Rivers Mitchell—America’s Full Out Coach™

I’ve never been one to take the path of least resistance, accept the hand that’s been dealt to me or sit idle while life just happens all around me. It’s a good thing too, because if I had I never would have seen the world. Never would have spoken in front of large audiences. Never would have had the chance to inspire others to strive to achieve their best life. And I most certainly wouldn’t have been writing this to you right now.

If I had accepted the hand I was dealt, I’d still be hanging around my small hometown in Alabama where being tough was more important in life than an education— and merely surviving instead of thriving.  And as a child this is what I expected for my life as well.  I’d stay put and not achieve anything remarkable, just like generations had done before. It wasn’t even that I wasn’t ambitious or that I didn’t have it in me. I just didn’t know any better.


But something changed.

I learned about overcoming mental barriers to achieve remarkable results. It began with a race in elementary school. All they told me was to “run,” so I did. When I realized I couldn’t feel my legs, my speed was so great I was unable to stop before I successfully crossed over the finish line.  In so many ways, that race and the perseverance I found from out of nowhere have become metaphors for my achievements in life.

That race revealed something within me: the knowledge and the ambition to overcome whatever stood in my way. To play Full Out.

Danny_Rivers_Mitchell_Taj_MahalIn the years since, I’ve had many experiences. I’ve served my country in the U.S. Army, traveled to eight different countries all over the world, worked inside corporate America, and I’ve inspired others as a transformational speaker.  I have also trained with some of the best in the speaking and personal development industry.  I successfully completed Zig Ziglar’s Essential Presentation Skills program where I mastered the Vital Skill Areas of the Verbal, the Non-Vebal, and the Techniques for Results.

And I’m here to help you achieve your greatness. It’s your time.

I’m Danny Rivers Mitchell—America’s Full Out Coach™. I’m so glad you’re here because it’s your time to shine. You’re responsible for your greatness. I’m here to help get you moving. To hold you accountable. I’m ready… Are you?