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Danny Has Previously Presented For:

  • Combermere Secondary School in Barbados
  • Perfected Magazine panel
  • Retirement ceremony for Lieutenant Steve Garner
  • Toast Masters
  • Quarterly women’s meet up (hostess)

Danny’s Featured Keynotes:


Go All In. Live Full Out.

No matter what you’re going through, what about you’re about to go through, you’re about to go through. Constantly making small steps. Living Beyond the Great American Dream. Make a decision – I know I want more. Get what you came here for. You have a burning passion, a desire deep down in your soul. You can finally say yes. Heavy on Danny’s story. Redefining your life. Run your race. Don’t stop. Work hard Play hard.

Unstoppable (When Nobody’s Watching)

Becoming unstoppable. fighting the great fight. It’s not winning in the ring, it’s about winning before you get in the ring. I want to change/tweak my talk around my brand. Being crazy. Burning desire. Being unstoppable when no one is watching.. Getting results. Never slowing down. Setting your rules. Audicious goal.  Fighting the great fight because no one else is going to do it for you.

150% Mindset

No excuses goal achievement system S.T.O.P. Method – 4 different stories, can reach their desires and goals, (could use it to lose weight, etc.), because they have taken the necessary steps, vision, surround yourself with people who are where you want to be, outshining your competition (giving 150% vs. 100%), you’re able to reach any goal, dream or desire to that you have and never fail. Extreme focus

STOP: Finanical, Spiritual, Health, Relationships – if you are welahty in all of those areas, your happiness increases across the board – 4 major areas of life

  • Learn how to reach any goal you set
  • Outshine Your Competition
  • And Never Fail

1) Set your sights high. What I want to do is teach people – clear vision of where they want to be. What level is that? Where do you they want to be? Get clarity about what you what and get to where you want to be.
2) Take on a team – a community of where you want to be.
3) Outshine your competition – you have to outwork you can’t be average. Playing small.
4) Perserverence