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full-out, whatever-it-takes mindset


Bryan Flanagan“Danny Rivers Mitchell possesses the success qualities necessary to help you, your organization, and/or your community. She is both personable and professional. She maintains a positive attitude in all that she does.

I have had the opportunity to work with her and coach her. She is open and receptive to feedback. She strives to better herself by listening to and then implementing the suggestions that are provided. And she does this all with a smile on her face. I am impressed with how well she communicates with others. In both formal and informal presentations, she conveys meaning in a way that makes the listener want to listen. This is a great quality she possesses.

She approaches every relationship with the intention of contributing to the betterment of the other person.  She has a desire to serve and a heart for helping others.”

— Bryan Flanagan, Vice President of Sales and Training


Erika Lee“Danny Rivers Mitchell is a phenomenal woman, and an outstanding person who knows how to speak into the life of each and every person she encounters. She has such a passion for life and is simply not satisfied with living a great life, but is on a non stop mission to help promote positive change in the lives of others as well. I’ve had the honor of knowing Danny and working with her on various projects. She is a woman of integrity, a apowerful leader who has a heart for serving; and I am proud to call her friend and mentor. Danny Rivers Mitchell is a gift to this world. If you have the chance to get in front of her and learn from her….Do It!!! Your life will never be the same.”

— Erika R. Lee, CEO of Prestige Premium Homecare, Inc.


Tammy WashingtonDanny Rivers Mitchell is one of the best coaches on playing up to your highest potential. Danny’s lessons on personal empowerment have helped me in the sales and marketing of my programs. After spending one day with Danny, I understood how to sell with ease and grace without coming off sale-sy. Danny is definitely the coach to work with if you are looking to take your life and your business to the next level.

— Tammy Washington, Author of Nailed It! Be It, Do It, Achieve It!


Jennifer CarterWhat can I say about Danny except – SHE DON’T PLAY! From the first time I spoke to her she was all about the business of playing big and going all in when it came to winning. She has held my feet to the fire and never allowed me to show up small or weak. Her straight talk style was the butt kicking I needed and I always know by the end of our conversations that I’m not in the same place I was when we started. I’m so glad to now have her as a dear friend and success sparing partner.

— Jennifer Carter


Cherish JacksonI’ve had the privilege of knowing Mrs. Danny Rivers Mitchell for a few years now and I can truly say in this short time she has become one of my closest friends, supporters, mentors, and life coach. I just adore her caring spirit. She is direct but genuine and has a great sense of humor. My life and the vision I have for my future has been deeply inspired by her coaching. She has taught me so much about myself and how to be disciplined to achieve the goals I’ve set. I am ready to take on the world because of Danny Rivers Mitchell coaching!

— Cherish Jackson


Tiera MilesI meet with Danny Rivers-Mitchell once every week. I have been doing so for about 6 months now. She is an amazing, powerful young woman who pours into me every week. Sometimes I feel like I am fighting to get to Tuesdays just to be re-energized. Danny Rivers-Mitchell has helped me become a confident, beautiful, charismatic, tremendous young woman from the inside out. She has helped me find my value again. After our sessions, I feel like I can fly, like there is nothing that can stop me from reaching my goals, achieving my dreams and walking in my purpose. She has definitely showed me how to fly with the eagles. Danny Rivers-Mitchell is a phenomenal woman who has a passion to serve and help people become who they are meant to become.

I value the time I have with Danny Rivers-Mitchell, truly an ASTONISHING young woman!

— Tiera Miles