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Are You A Mountain Climber?

moutain climber

Have you ever faced a mountain before? It’s funny how in life when you realize at that very moment that you want better for yourself. You want to learn new skills, get a better job, create a healthy lifestyle, or develop a relationship with your higher being and you try to bring all of your friends with you. Everything is going well in the beginning and then out of no where you get a blow. And not just one blow, multiple blows back to back. These blows just so happen to knock me all the way down the mountain when I was so close to the top. The most amazing thing about being knocked down is that I refused to end up on my ass. I didn’t throw the towel in and walk away with my tail between my legs. Yes, I slid down to end back up on my feet. I’m still standing! Many times when you are working towards a goal the people that you have always played with can’t go with you nor can they help you get there and understand that’s ok. Sometimes you have to look for those who are already standing at the top of the mountain waving the winners flag cheering you on and will to meet you half way in order to get you there. When you are ready to enrich your life, you must absolutely play with those who are where you desire to be. And no matter how many times you fall or slide down the mountain, it’s always sexier to start over. Because every goal has a starting point, you just have to start. No quitter conversations over here. Climb you mountain!!! Ready, Set, Groooooow…

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